Independent cinema order line

With a branches based throughout the South West of England, this busy independent cinema chain is a popular choice for locals and holidaymakers in the area.

Online bookings for an independent cinema chain

Our client had to employ members of staff at both of their branches to allow for bookings to be made over the phone so our service has primarily been used to allow one central booking line.

  • Bookings can be made for either cinema branch.
  • Basic information such as starting times, running length and film ratings can be given while freeing up the clients staff to run the cinema.
  • Calls can be taken before the cinema opens in the afternoon ensuring that no business is lost and staff do not need to be in the building prior to opening time.
  • Film showing times recorded weekly by a dedicated member of our team and available for customers to listen to over the phone.

Our client relies on our call answering service to ensure that all prospective bookings are made.

30 day free trial of our online booking services

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